SXSW 2023

Diversity Includes Disability


Globally, 1 in 7 consumers have a disability. Is your marketing truly reaching and resonating with the full spectrum of your target audience?

The definition of diversity needs to be expanded to include disability. Inspiration porn, captionless content, and inaccessible design are common mistakes brands make — and can easily be avoided.

Confidently know you’re not excluding or othering any of your customers, and tap into the $8 trillion of global disposable income of disabled people. Join our accessibility educator (deafblind), assistive technology specialist (blind), social media accessibility advocate (nondisabled), and DEI facilitator and accessibility advocate (nondisabled) to learn how to build an accessible brand. It is the profitable — and right thing — to do.

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  1. Most brands aspire to be inclusive, but often miss the mark. How do we bridge the gap of good intentions with execution to make a positive impact?
  2. Ableism. What is it? And how can you avoid it?
  3. What are common mistakes you can avoid to expand the circumference of your circle of inclusivity and diversity for your brand?



Helen Todd, CEO, Sociality Squared

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