SXSW 2023

The Power of Influencers to Prevent Gun Violence


How can we address gun violence aside from legislative action? Congress’ wheels often grind to a halt and procedural rules are in need of reform.

We must look further than our lawmakers to truly address gun violence in all its forms. We believe that some of our strongest allies in this fight are the industries and influencers who contribute to our society. Complemented by Brady's work in retail and entertainment, we'll unite notable individuals from the worlds of sports and social media who use their platforms to meaningfully address gun violence. We’ll discuss how they tackle gun violence aside from legislative action, their impact in the gun violence prevention movement, effective ways to spread a unified message for gun safety, and how their work can act as a blueprint for others.

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  1. How influencers and industries can use their platforms to promote responsible firearm ownership and address gun violence.
  2. Effective ways to make an impact, tell one’s story, and spread a unified message for gun violence prevention.
  3. The history and motives behind industries and influencers' reasons for addressing gun violence.



Matthew Harron, Communications Project Manager, Brady

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