SXSW 2023

What’s the True Cost of Your Food? Check the Label


Nutrition labels, which were mandated in 1990, helped consumers take control of their health through their food choices. The next generation of labels is empowering consumers to shop with their values and understand the full impact of their purchasing decisions. From carbon comparison shopping (via carbon labels), supply chain transparency (interactive codes to meet farmers) and even food waste reduction (according to a new study out of Cornell), discover the next frontier of consumer empowerment and how innovative label design and technologies are changing the way we interact with our food systems.

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  1. Understand the true cost of food choices — on the planet, animals and farmers — not reflected in the price paid at the register.
  2. Explore the design and technology innovations that have the potential to impact purchasing behavior.
  3. Learn how food label design and technology empowers consumers to shop with their values to impact climate, farmer equity, food waste and more.


  • Kathryn Tuttle, Chief Marketing Officer, Farmer Focus
  • Walter Robb, Senior Executive Partner, S2G Ventures
  • Vivian Barad, Partner and Executive Director, IDEO
  • Kayalin Akens-Irby, Head of Growth, Planet FWD


Dana Smith, President, Dadascope Communications

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