Breaking Down Barriers Through Education Benefits


EdAssist and WGU are working together to help adult learners reach their greatest potential through partnerships with companies like McDonald’s. In this session, EdAssist, WGU, and McDonald’s will provide three different perspectives on how education benefits, including low- and no-cost degrees, upskilling and reskilling, and student debt repayment programs, can break down barriers to education and help working learners climb the ladder of opportunity from entry-level all the way to the C-suite.

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  1. Learn how education benefits can help break down barriers to education for learners and attract a diverse workforce.
  2. Understand how to leverage education benefits as a strategic tool in DEI efforts to facilitate inclusive hiring and support employee growth.
  3. Explore the types of reskilling and upskilling programs that can increase diversity and nurture career pathways.



Jill Buban, Vice President and General Manager, Bright Horizons

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