SXSW 2023

A Songwriter’s Guide to Branding: The Power of No


Songwriters work across crafts, styles and genres, arguably, more than any other creative group in the music industry - some top songwriters may have Latin, country, and rock hits all in one year. But with that opportunity can come the challenge of defining oneself as an "artist," and thus a workflow reliant on constant pitching/hustling.
To succeed, songwriters need to understand the business they're in and develop a brand - just as an artist would - that cultivates incoming work that both pays and fulfills them.
This panel will discuss why volume of credits isn't always the best way to navigate becoming a big songwriter, or music creator, and how to empower yourself (both on your own and with publishers/managers/partners) to say no to work that won't ultimately serve your development.

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  1. How, as a songwriter, training the industry on which opportunities to (and to NOT) bring you will lead to more of the right kind of work.
  2. How taking more time in your life to work on the things you love with people who bring you joy will ultimately help you define and grow your business.
  3. Building a public-facing image, not just relying on your repertoire - presenting yourself to artists you want to work with, and the industry at large.



Hannah Schwartz, Senior Account Executive, Shore Fire Media

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