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Obtaining DEA License to Grow Psilocybin Mushrooms


Obtaining a DEA license to manufacture any drugs in schedule one is a difficult challenge. Very few people in the US have been able to crack the code except large pharmaceutical companies and rare other for-profit entities. It is urgent we seek to open access to MDMA- and psilocybin-assisted therapy for Veterans and other trauma victims who are at serious risk of suicide and have exhausted all other options.
1000s of Veterans/first responders who nearly lost all hope after struggling through (sometimes double digit) ineffective medications and therapies – which often left them worse off than where they started – are forced to seek plant medicines and other psychedelics on the illicit market. But there are methods to apply for a DEA Schedule 1 manufacturing license independently.

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  1. There are ways for individuals to apply for their own DEA schedule 1 manufacturing license to cultivate their own plant medicine/psychedelics
  2. There are existing DEA manufacturers that are willing to partner on cultivation if you are not interested in applying for your own license
  3. Developing analytical methods for potency testing in whole psilocybin mushrooms—keeping that guidance open source for scientist to replicate globally



Sue Sisley, MD, President/Principal Investigator, Scottsdale Research Institute/Field To Healed Foundation

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