SXSW 2023

What If GPS Went Away? How It Could & What To Do


Can you imagine a world without GPS? We live in a world where our smartphones tell us the time and how to get from point A to B via the fastest and most convenient route. We do this through the GPS chipset in our phone via the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). This is a familiar example of how we rely on GPS. And then there’s the examples you don’t think about: the ATM you used for cash or the tech used to pay the toll on the highway. While GPS has many benefits, there are very real concerns: accidental and deliberate interference and cyber attacks, for example. During this panel, you will hear from industry leaders about our societal reliance on GPS, its drawbacks, and why quantum sensing technology may surface as a technology solution for positioning, navigation, and timing.

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  1. Understand our deep reliance on GPS and the potential for disruption to daily life.
  2. Learn the technique of “dead reckoning” and more reliable options for measuring time and precision other than GPS: quantum atomic clocks and sensors.
  3. Precision timekeeping is the backbone of emerging technologies - it already has seen significant impacts on the speed and accuracy of communication.



Brittany Mazin, Director Of Engagement, ColdQuanta

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