SXSW 2023

A Bipartisan Approach to Equal Opportunity


Americans on the bottom half of the economic ladder face a host of challenges: the rising cost of housing, health care, and transportation, and everyday goods, and disparities in access to education and good-paying jobs. In Washington DC, Democrats and Republicans find it impossible to work together to address these problems. The good news is that a rising generation is developing new ideas that achieve progressive policy outcomes using competition, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We’ll discuss pathbreaking legislation in Arizona that will give poor residents access to new education opportunities; bills to achieve universal health coverage with private insurance; and inclusive ways to tackle rising inflation, energy, education, and housing costs.

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  1. How to fight inflation and bring down the cost of living for those living below the median income or wealth level.
  2. How to build a new, pluralist coalition of Americans who believe in equal opportunity for all.
  3. How to get policymakers to work across the aisle by using free market ideas to achieve progressive policy outcomes.



Rebecca Atwood, Operations Manager, The Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity

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