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How to Save America From a Human Rights Meltdown


Most donations in the U.S. go to mega-charities. But often it’s small grassroots organizations that are truly transformational. The Innocence Project, started by two guys at a law clinic, exposed massive flaws in the justice system. Camp Jened, a nonprofit for disabled children, helped pass The Americans with Disabilities Act. With so many pressing issues in need of real social change, how do we democratize support for lesser-known or 'forgotten' causes to solve today's human rights crises?

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  1. Discover the immense value of democratizing charitable giving for lesser-known charities to maximize global social impact
  2. Understand the unique challenges that smaller nonprofits face, in comparison to mega-charities, in an increasingly crowded charitable giving market
  3. Learn the best ways to maximize the impact of your personal charitable giving efforts, as well as how more corporations can move the needle, for good



Millicent Fortunoff, Communications, Sparo

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