Learning Unbound: Connecting K12 to the Real World


The challenges of the past 2 years and a rapidly changing economy have validated one incontrovertible fact: it is no longer possible to prepare students for success solely within the confines of the walls of the K-12 classroom. This panel will explore why we must (and how we can) transcend the boundaries of the classroom and community to connect students, particularly low-income students, to real-world learning opportunities that enrich academic learning while developing vital social capital.

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  1. Learn how schools can create connected pathways for students bridging classroom and real world learning to support academic and professional success.
  2. Understand importance of students developing relationships, networks and social capital to succeed in life and address issues of economic mobility.
  3. Explore practices for engaging with industry and leveraging technology to connect students to opportunities both within and beyond their community.



Hillary Knudson, Director, Whiteboard Advisors

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