SXSW 2022

Reducing Food Waste+Democratizing Climate Change


Consumer consciousness to make more environmentally responsible food choices was heightened during the pandemic. By all accounts people want to do their part to leave the planet better than they found it, but often the general population struggles with how to make an impact. That is finally changing with the start-ups, NGOs, CPG companies and thought leaders all leveraging the common, and solvable pain point of food waste to enable and empower all consumers to participate in change. Hear from chef to President Obama Sam Kass, former Nestle marketing executive turned creator of start-up brand Do Good Foods Sheridan Budin and head of one of the leading food waste NGOs on how they are driving scalable impact on climate change through consumer centric food waste initiatives.

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  1. New, innovative ways to reduce food waste at the consumer level
  2. How to empower and engage consumers to take action on climate change
  3. How to mobilize an ecosystem to create a closed loop sustainability brand


  • Sam Kass, Nutrition Policy Advisor, Chef, Author, KDC Ag
  • Sheridan Budin, CEO, Do Good Brands
  • laura shulman, Founder and President, Crave It PR
  • Dana Gunders, Executive Director, ReFed


Laura Shulman, President, Crave It PR

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  • Track: Climate Change
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