The Pathway to Opportunity is Paved with Skills


The OSN is a collaboration of over 500 employers, higher ed institutions and others who believe in a future in which all individuals have the skills and talent necessary to thrive, and in which their talents are easily signaled to the labor market. The OSN is launching pilots, building open source toolkits, structuring partnerships, and reimagining the future of education and work so that every individual can access opportunity based on what they can do, not where they got their degree.

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  1. Learn about the vision that has driven an unprecedented cross sector collaboration of organizations to build the Open Skills Network.
  2. Learn how a skills-based future can help give every individual a path to opportunity, drive equity, and remove barriers.
  3. Gain a 30,000 foot understanding of the technical and policy barriers that the OSN is working to overcome.



Mattie Jennings, Assoc Communications Rep, Western Governors University

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