SXSW 2022

Behind the Scenes of ABC's Home Economics


Join the team bringing ABC’s hit show “Home Economics” to life as they unpack a family full of complexities and represent a true portrait of the modern American family. Executive Producer Topher Grace (“That 70s Show,” Spider-Man 3, In Good Company) also stars as Tom, the eldest of 3 grown-up siblings who find themselves living at vastly different levels of financial security from one another. We’ll look into the writers room and all the way through post production to showcase the intentional world being built to highlight how far the family sitcom has come and what it can do for us today.

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  1. A look behind the making of Home Economics and why this is a deeply personal passion project for many involved.
  2. Crafting scripts, stories and characters that bring the diverse realities of homes across the country into, well, homes across the country.
  3. The true stories of how and why the show, it's cast and crew, honor their own hopes for navigating family and career.



Carolyn Grand, Scheduler, ABC

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