SXSW 2022

Ted Lasso Strikes Back

Season 2 of Ted Lasso hits a little different - it's the Empire Strikes Back nod that, as Jason Sudeikis shared with Jimmy Fallon, "starts in the cold and ends in a little chillier place than where we started. Everybody's gotta go in their cave and meet a little green man." Depending on which schedules permit, you'll hear from producers, writers, and/or stars of the show as they unwind some of the ethos, intention and deep connection with fans.

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  1. In season 2 the emotional beats hit harder, the laughs land louder - join us as we unpack!
  2. Intentionality is the core of Lasso - learn about the walking Wiki that is Jason Sudeukis.
  3. Are they all really THAT nice? (Yes, that’s a takeaway you can count on!



Nancy Jundi, Staff Writer, CinemaEditor Magazine

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