SXSW 2022

The Future of Music Streaming is Decentralized


Tired of third parties controlling the music industry? Meet Audius, a music sharing platform designed to provide artists a direct link with their listeners. Using decentralized technology, Audius is able to ensure artists’ rights to and control of their own music, and provide a censorship-resistant platform for expression and distribution of artistic works and compositions. Audius uses IPFS as the core decentralized storage component in their mission to give everyone the freedom to share, monetize and listen to any audio. This panel will explore the advent of decentralized music streaming and sharing, how to use blockchain technology to eliminate third payment parties and get artists the funds they deserve for their work, and how fans can engage with their favorite artists.

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  1. Uncover how decentralized streaming works.
  2. Discover how and why the future of music is decentralized streaming, and why centralized institutions are failing artists.
  3. Learn what putting the power in the hands of artists and creators means for the future of the music industry.


  • Forrest Browning, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Audius
  • Roneil Rumberg, Co-Founder & CEO, Audius


Jamie Nicholson, Event Manager, Protocol Labs

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