SXSW 2022

NCIS Los Angeles: 13Yrs of Explosive Television


NCIS: Los Angeles is underway on their 13th season of innovation on & off screen. Featuring star & Director, Daniela Ruah, with members of the post and production team, we’ll take a look back on all 13 seasons to touch on everything from their use of Pre Visualization in the game engine for stunt work, VFX workflows and how they've adapted the show during Covid to remote editorial and color review, which will long outlive the pandemic to shift how televisions is made, in addition to the stories inherent to having worked with the same team for over a decade - all while leveraging bleeding edge technology.

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  1. How NCIS: Los Angeles, and the craft of producing television, has evolved across 13 seasons.
  2. Longevity and fresh story arcs with continuity and excitement in an evolving industry of fast content.
  3. How production and post worked together to make NCIS: Los Angeles CBS’ first show back during the pandemic.



Ramy Katrib, Founder & Ceo, DigitalFilm Tree

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