Don't Leave Older Workers out of the Jobs Recovery


The majority of the long-term unemployed are over the age of 45. A majority of hiring managers admit hesitating when it comes to hiring an older worker, fearing they are not tech-adaptable or might not fit into the work culture. Conversely, they say the older workers already on the job are valued employees. So, where does that leave mid-career workers trying to find a new job in the post-pandemic workforce? Let's address this age bias directly and examine what's being done to correct it.

Other Resources / Information


  1. Direct examination of age bias and hiring managers' attitudes about older workers with data to back it up
  2. Examples of nonprofit and education programs and initiatives focused on 40+ jobseekers and workers, ensuring they have up-to-date skills
  3. Examples of how a business with a multigeneration workforce is more successful, the value an older worker brings to the workplace, and backing data



Ramona Schindelheim, Editor-in-Chief, WorkingNation

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