SXSW 2022

How the Future of Music NFTs Will Empower Creators


This panel will help you uncover new, easy ways to engage with fans and collectors using NFT technology in an environmentally sustainable way. OneOf brings NFTs out of the crypto niche and into the mainstream, allowing all artists and fans to take part in this new wave of art production and consumption, not just crypto natives. The team is focused specifically on the music vertical, backed by the creative and music business expertise of Quincy Jones Productions and Quincy Jones himself, which is a key differentiator that sets it apart from other platforms. Using the Tezos blockchain allows for lower cost transactions, which benefits artists and fans barriers to entry. These NFTs are also minted and stored in a green way that makes it easy for artists and fans to track purchases.

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  1. Learn how to mint your own NFTs as a music artist in a responsible and energy efficient way.
  2. Discover how to champion new and influential voices in the music industry through NFTs.
  3. Engage as a fan with NFTs from your favorite artists: uncover the perks and support your favorite artists.



Jamie Nicholson, Event Manager, Protocol Labs

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  • Event: SXSW
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  • Track: Future of Music
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