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Future Intersections of Food, Technology & Culture


Few things are as deeply rooted, so deeply ingrained into our DNA and culture as humans, as food. Over millennia, technology has allowed humanity to make periodic leaps of magnitude in our food culture. Our ancestors used technology to revolutionize food systems by cooking with fire; fermenting foods; refrigerating; canning; today's on-demand delivery of a mind-boggling array of possible cuisines and options, all from the palm of your hand.

Join us to explore the intersections of food, technology and culture, looking towards the future. What do the next few decades have in store, and how can we learn from the past to create technologies that unlock a food system that is more Just, equitable, sustainable and scalable; to feed the bodies, and souls, of 10 billion or more.

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  1. How are traditional supply chains (farm -> processor -> distributor -> grocer / chef -> consumer) changing with technologies like AI, IoT, blockchain?
  2. What ideas and inventions are being forged today, that could revolutionize the food system, even in small but impactful ways, in the next 10 years?
  3. Are nonpartisan solutions like better food recovery and redistribution technologies seeing more adoption, or are entrenched systems holding them back?



Robert Nathan Allen, Executive Director, Little Herds

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