SXSW 2022

What Will the Internet Look Like in 2050?


A global computer-based communication network has fundamentally changed our social, cultural, and political landscape over the past 30 years. There has been no previous communication revolution of this speed or intensity. Consequently, this communication tool gives us the power to completely restructure our entire existence, both on an individual and collective level. As inescapably pervasive as the Internet's emergence has been, Juan will situate its emergence within the context of our technological evolution, and try to pontificate its potential future development in the 21st century.

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  1. What would a free and open Internet look like in 2050?
  2. The types of technologies and tools do we expect will emerge, and what might they enable?
  3. What are the dangers and pitfalls we should be aware of along the way?



Emily Vaughan, Head of Marketing Operations, Protocol Labs

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