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Protecting Humanity's Most Sensitive Information


The Starling Lab is a new research center tackling the technical and ethical challenges of establishing trust in the most sensitive digital records of our human history using the latest advances in cryptography and decentralized web protocols. The Starling Lab uses the Starling Framework, a host of open-source tools, best practices, and case studies across three key modules: capture, store, and verify. From mobile phones to professional DSLR cameras, Starling Lab prototypes apps and firmware to create a chain of custody from cameras to digital platforms. Learn how a combination of hardware and software technologies have been prototyped to create a chain of custody from the cameras to digital platforms.

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  1. Learn how the Starling Framework creates a chain of custody from the moment a photo or video is taken, & is stored and verified using blockchain tech.
  2. Discover how the Starling Framework has worked for teams like Reuters.
  3. Uncover how Starling’s decentralized tech is protecting the most sensitive information on the planet, like the testimonies of genocide survivors.



Emily Vaughan, Head of Marketing Operations, Protocol Labs

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