SXSW 2022

Inclusion in Safety: Empowering Communities


Safety in events is often discussed through the lens of visible physical safety: fire hazards, inclement weather, gun policy etc. In creating a safe space for female identifying and LGBTQIA+ attendees, precautions need to be taken to decrease the risk of discrimination, criticism, harassment, and any other emotional or physical harm. These panelists will discuss steps they’ve taken and ways in which venues and event producers can be intentional in creating a true safe space for marginalized individuals.

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  1. A safety plan needs to account for non-visible forms of harm. Emergency plans must include actions to take for harassment and discriminatory behavior.
  2. Venues and event organizers should empower not only their staff, but also artists and attendees to act if they see something or feel unsafe.
  3. Inclusive safety measures also generate a range of economic benefits including stronger social networks, community trust, and many more.



Carson Vickrey, Marketing Specialist, Marauder

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  • Event: SXSW
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