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Why She Invested: Gems for Future FoodTech Founder


As we look to 2050 and beyond, how we feed our world in a changing climate and with dwindling resources will be one of the greatest challenges of the century. Passionate entrepreneurs and innovators are pioneering the technologies of our future food system, but many more ideas and innovations are needed.

Join investor, author and podcast host Arlan Hamilton along with three of her portfolio company founders in the FoodTech space; Julia Collins of Planet FWD, Jasmine Crowe of GoodCo, and Rianna Lynn of Journey Foods; to discuss the challenges of changing markets and niche capital, hype cycles and hard choices to weather the pandemic, as well as the resources, mentors, investors and co-conspirators that ambitious up-and-coming future FoodTech founders should know about.

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  1. In their 2021 Agrifoodtech Investment Report, AgFunder called 2020 “a blow-out year.” Where are you seeing these resources invested?
  2. Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet-of-things… How do you see breakthrough technologies like these intersecting with future food systems?
  3. 70% of consumers in the U.S. & CA think it’s important brands are sustainable or eco-friendly. What does this signal and how must the market respond?



Que Fagan, Chief Creative Officer, Curva-Lish Media

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