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SXSW 2022

The Future of Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles are more popular than ever. As the legal U.S. cannabis market is projected to reach $28 billion in sales in 2022, data shows that cannabis edibles and beverages are winning over market share from flower. Edibles are evolving with a trend towards lower-dose products, so that newer consumers can try edibles without worrying about getting overwhelmingly high. And thanks to advances in cannabis tech (and years of nanotechnology R&D), brands across the country are releasing products that offer targeted highs. This panel is a deep dive into the future of edibles, fast-acting tech, and how to control your edibles experience so you don't get walloped, with Weed + Grub — the top cannabis, comedy and cooking podcast in the country.

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  1. The future of the cannabis edibles market as consumers seek alternatives to inhalable forms of cannabis.
  2. Looking at the trend in cannabis edibles towards lower-dose, fast-acting products that allow consumers to better control their experience.
  3. The home chef will learn exciting new techniques to confidently cook with cannabis.



Mary Jane Gibson, Producer and co-host, Weed + Grub

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  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Culture
  • Track 2 Health & MedTech
  • Level: Advanced
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