SXSW 2022

Gamifying the City: The Potential of Spaces & Play


We are entering the next generation of city scale AR experiences, in this session explore how have they evolved from Pokemon Go into incredible new apps such as Wallace & Gromit: Fix Up The City? Join a talk from the studio behind the Wallace & Gromit: Fix Up The City experience to discuss the creation of that app, the exciting challenges of striking a balance between authored content and free exploration, the moral implications behind these choices, and an awesome upcoming geo-located history experience from the team. How can movement become part of a story, how can these experiences influence where is explored, and how by opening a city up to the virtual world can we ensure that the experience is inclusive and accessible to all?

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  1. Discover how are we are opening up the world to play with the use of next generation technologies
  2. Discover practical insights into how these technologies have been used for projects including Wallace & Gromit: Fix Up The City
  3. Explore and join discussion on where we see this going next



Fern Dunn, Marketing Executive, Sugar Creative

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