SXSW 2022

The Connected World of 2050


Today’s tech-driven society is rapidly transforming, bringing both opportunities and challenges – in 2050, what will the connected world look like? Join IBM Director of Research Dario Gil; NC State professor Fay Cobb Payton, a leading voice for broadening participation in computing; and USC professor and A.I. pioneer Yolanda Gil for a conversation about what lessons the current digital environment can reveal about our digital future. Moderator will be Erwin Gianchandani, NSF Senior Advisor and Co-Chair of the White House National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource Task Force.

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  1. As technology integrates ever more into society, what complex challenges and solutions will emerge?
  2. How does the research of today provide a glimpse into the incredible technology of the future?
  3. For society to benefit from technology, we must all benefit - how can we ensure that outcome?



Joshua Chamot, Public Affairs Specialist, U.S. National Science Foundation

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  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: 2050
  • Track 2 Culture
  • Level: Beginner

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