SXSW 2022

The Future of Crypto


Around the world, people, institutions and nations are realizing the benefits of cryptocurrencies: to store value, to transact at high speeds and low cost, to create open applications that don’t require trust in a centralized authority like a company or financial institution, and to take control of one’s online destiny. But, because of its pseudonymous nature, stories of crashes and crimes, or even the mystery around the word “crypto” there are many wrong impressions—and only the beginnings of awareness of benefits. By sharing insights and expertise about the crypto ecosystem while addressing misperceptions and misinformation, we can support governments and institutions worldwide in efforts to shape and encourage the responsible regulation of cryptocurrency.

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  1. The future of crypto is limitless. It helps spur economic growth, improve financial inclusion and access, and enhance privacy and security.
  2. Misinformation has spurred many regulators around the world to help protect crypto investors by adding more oversight.
  3. We want to educate government officials, regulators, and everyday people about crypto to help create consistent global regulation.


  • Fred Ehrsam, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Paradigm


Jonah Tuls, Communications Lead, Crypto Council for Innovation

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