SXSW 2022

Cause Over Competition: Sports Driving Social Good


Despite deep seated rivalries between teams, sports have an incredible power to bring us together as a people and as a culture. And when all the major sports leagues join the same team, you have no choice but to hit it out of the park. There are distinct lessons we can learn from these leagues when it comes to uniting an increasingly polarized and divided America and motivating them on the most pressing social issues of the day. Come learn from leading sports execs about how they’re driving action on critical causes from COVID-19 vaccinations to supporting veterans.

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  1. Sports leagues have some of the most diverse audiences in America and yet they have an unique ability to bring people together.
  2. Athletes and leagues may be the new frontier of social impact-- they hold sway and influence with broad, yet local, audiences.
  3. Come learn about the considerations in place when deciding what issues to tackle and what tactics will be most impactful.



Meg Rushton, VP, Brand & Communications, The Ad Council

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  • Event: SXSW
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