SXSW 2022

Breaking Mainstream: Latin Music’s Epic Crossover


In many ways Latin Music has been floating in and around the mainstream since the 50s, but in the past 5 years we’ve seen an epic takeover of the top charts with mega hits. With the huge popularity of streaming, Latin music is no longer siloed but considered part of the core pop sound. Every label - major and indie - has started to dig deeper in the genre, trying to uncover the next J Balvin or Bad Bunny and every artist is looking for the perfect Latin collab. On this panel industry leaders will dissect the genre's rise and discuss their plans to keep the Latin music sound relevant and at the forefront of the future.

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  1. The history of Latin music within the broader popular music and culture space.
  2. The ways that collaboration has increased the visibility of Latin artists and influencers a mainstream sound.
  3. How Latin music is progressing within the non-Latin music and entertainment space and will continue to build and diversity over time.



John Vlautin, CEO & Founder, SpinLab Communications

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  • Event: SXSW
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