Personalized Reading Formats Make Better Readers


Reading is on the cusp of a revolution! Small typographical changes to text format can maximize an individual’s ability to read quickly and accurately, and comprehend more. Digital reading allows the shift from what is best for the population to what is best for the individual reader. Insights from a new body of Readability research, including a sneak peek into results that demonstrate average comprehension gains of +20% for K-8 students, will inform the design of better learning applications.

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  1. Understand the impact of personalized text formats in improving the student's ability to read quickly and accurately, and comprehend more.
  2. Gain a high-level understanding of new Readability research insights for K-12 and Higher Education, and edTech application development.
  3. Learn the Readability Hacks that readers can take advantage of now.



Kathy Crowley, Founder, Readability Matters

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  • Event: EDU
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  • Track: Emerging Tech
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