SXSW 2022

Next Gen LGTBQ+ Representation in Music


My name is Miki Ratsula. I'm a trans nonbinary artist, songwriter, & producer. I came out as nonbinary almost 2 years ago. Since I came out I've noticed a stark difference in the way I'm treated in the music industry & how much ignorance is rampant. I fired a manager because of his transphobic views & inability to listen, learn, and vow to be the best ally/manager I needed him to be. I've been vocal about being a trans artist but my experience with him drove me to want to directly educate those in the music industry. I don't ever want a trans person to be let down by someone whose job is to celebrate, respect, and protect them and their craft. It is imperative that industry leaders vow to do and be better for their queer & trans artists. With this session I hope to lead the industry there.

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  1. How to create teachable moments to create a safe environment by standing up for artistry and humanity.
  2. Educating industry leaders on how to support, protect, and elevate up & coming artists within the LGTBQ+ community.
  3. How to provide resources to the next generation of artists who are in the community.



Miki Ratsula, Artist, Nettwerk

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  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Future of Music
  • Track 2 Culture
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