Every Kid Is a Math Kid: Making Math Inclusive


People grow up believing that they are innately “math kids'' or that math is just not for them. The false binary narrative holds kids back from realizing their full potential and enables gender and racial inequities in STEM. The truth is that math is universal and can be accessible to everyone. Join an educational nonprofit leader as she dives into the path forward to make math more inclusive and walks through concrete approaches backed by data to help all kids learn math.

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  1. Challenge the false narrative that has been created around being a “math kid” and the implications that narrative has for kids.
  2. Learn the strategies that teachers and schools can successfully utilize to help kids feel like they belong in math.
  3. Gain a deeper understanding about how kids actually learn math.


  • Shalinee Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, Zearn


Sabina Li, Account Executive, Rally

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