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City Food Waste: A Burgeoning Climate Solution


Project Drawdown lists Reducing Food Waste as the number 1 most impactful, plausible, and economically realistic solution to maintain a 2’C temperature rise by 2100. US Cities have stepped up to take on municipal food waste to improve local sustainability, address food gaps in their communities, cut waste disposal costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Hear from 3 city leaders in the Food Matters Regional Initiative about their strategies, successes, and upcoming plans for limiting food waste in their city.

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  1. Food waste is not inevitable. Global food waste is responsible for 8% of a climate emissions but can be addressed with solutions available to us now.
  2. Like Chicago, Orlando, and DC, other cities can replicate immediate- and long-term policies and programs to cut their food waste.
  3. Government leaders and community organizers will understand how to start soliciting support for and build programs to reduce food waste.



Yvette Cabrera, Director, Food Waste, Natural Resources Defense Council

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