SXSW 2022

The $6 Billion F-Word


We produce enough food on this planet to feed everyone. And yet, nearly 811 million people worldwide are hungry today, and 41 million people are on the edge of famine across 43 countries. They say life is priceless, and yet there is a cost to save these lives: $6 billion dollars. Join us for an inside look at how the U.N. World Food Programme fights famine and the cutting-edge innovations that its technology incubator — Innovation Accelerator — sources, supports and scales to solve hunger. Since launching in 2015, the Accelerator has supported more than 80 projects across 46 countries, with 14 innovations scaling up to improve life for nearly 4 million people. Find out how mobile technology, artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain are transforming how we combat hunger.

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  1. We are facing an unprecedented global hunger crisis due to widespread conflict, climate change, gender inequity and COVID-19's socioeconomic impact.
  2. U.N. World Food Programme combines deep-field presence, innovation and technology to identify, anticipate, respond and warn the world about famine.
  3. As the logistics backbone of the entire humanitarian system, the U.N. World Food Programme knows how to prevent and mitigate famine.



Bobby Hammelman, Account Supervisor, World Food Programme

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