SXSW 2022

Cheating Academia: Spy Craft, Tech & Global Fraud


America’s professional licensing, certification and degree granting systems are multi-billion dollar enterprises and regarded as the most valuable in the world. Cheating them has become a highly-organized, very sophisticated, profitable global enterprise. Cheating tactics include cold war spy craft such as camera rings and fake identities, but also the most advanced technologies such as custom designed software and NSA-worthy hardware auctioned off on the dark web. Experts in fighting these organized frauds will take you on a tour of modern cheating and share some of what they’re doing to stop it. Their tactics include posing as buyers of stolen material, blocking internet access to thousands of fraud providers and lurking in hidden chat rooms with thieves and fraudsters.

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  1. Learn about the constant, sophisticated and lucrative efforts to steal, cheat or bypass America’s credentialing and degree-granting certifications.
  2. Meet the modern foreign agents tasked with catching test cheats - the people who try to steal tests, sell answers or hack test security systems.
  3. Test fraud is a billion dollar business. Learn how and why cheating America’s credentials is so valuable and how fragile the system really is.



Alyssa Reynolds, Account Manager, Pando Public Relations

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