School’s Out, Immersive Learning Is In


Far too often, students are expected to fit within one given framework a school prescribes, even when the students don’t all learn the same way or at the same pace. One movement in education allows students to be co-creators of their learning experience - not just in pacing, but in content, extracurriculars, and career exploration opportunities. Learn how an emerging network of independent high schools in Los Angeles is taking this on in partnership with a global tech company.

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  1. Incite thoughtful conversation on project-based learning and the value of relevant, real-world internship opportunities and on-site mentoring.
  2. Hear from a student at Portal Schools on how this learning model has changed their educational experience.
  3. Discuss how companies can actively contribute to project-based learning and immersive education by lending resources and employee talent



Asees Singh, Sr. Global Communications Manager, Belkin

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