SXSW 2022

What’s the Best Glass of Milk? It’s Complicated


A glass of conventional milk has come to represent so much of what’s wrong with our food system: resource intensive, wasteful, and to some, considered harmful. While the issues inherent to conventional dairy milk have become common knowledge, there are less obvious problems with plant milks that are just as important to resolve from water usage, to poor soil health and food waste.

The good news is these complex problems have become catalysts for new ideas that are already creating meaningful change and carving a new path forward for a food system that is better for all people, ecosystems and the planet.

This panel brings together a diversity of food thought-leaders to discuss the tensions and complexities of deciding what we eat and drink, through the lens of a simple glass of milk.

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  1. Covers the key debates around dairy milk and plant based milks, including which are best from health, animal welfare and environmental standpoint.
  2. Explores new approaches creating tastier, more nutritious and sustainable options, as well as the impact of zero waste and upcycled products.
  3. Covers the tools and insight you can use as a consumer to tackle decision fatigue and make informed choices around what to eat and drink.



Christina Dorr Drake, Ceo, Co-Founder, Willa's Plant Based Milk

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  • Event: SXSW
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