SXSW 2022

Re-inventing and Re-wiring the Financial Ecosystem


Every month millions of people get a bill in the mail that they just don’t have access to the cash to pay. So for large companies like our partners at AT&T who need an easy and secure way for these customers to pay their bills, Zirtue provides a B2B lending platform that makes it easy for people to lend money to friends & family without the awkwardness so they can pay their bills on time and ensure that partners like AT&T gets paid in cases where they otherwise would not. With a mission to democratize lending while creating a more financially inclusive world, Zirtue is the world's first relationship-based lending application that simplifies loans between friends, family and trusted relationships while giving borrowers the option to pay creditors direct using their borrowed funds.

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  1. How to take the awkwardness out of lending and borrowing money with friends & family
  2. How to loan money responsibly with friends & family to preserve your income, wealth and relationships
  3. Why friends and family are the biggest bank in the world and more likely to pay each other back than their actual creditors



Dennis Cail, Ceo, Zirtue

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