SXSW 2022

The Untapped Opportunity of Learning Platforms


While platforms are increasingly prevalent, there's one type of platform that is just emerging and addresses a growing need. The primary design goal of learning platforms is to help all participants to learn faster by acting together. These platforms focus on learning in the form of creating new knowledge, not learning in the form of sharing existing knowledge (i.e., video classes). This form of learning requires action, reflection and iteration. These platforms would support impact groups of 3-15 people by providing them with shared workspaces and then connecting these impact groups into broader networks. These platforms would provide real-time feedback on performance to participants. By helping to accelerate learning, these platforms would also help participants to overcome fear.

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  1. Learning platforms are very different from the platforms that have gained prominence so far.
  2. There is a growing unmet need for these platforms.
  3. The rewards from creating these platforms, and participating on these platforms, will be exponentially expanding.



John Hagel, Founder & CEO, Beyond Our Edge

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