How Colleges Can Support Mental Health on Campus


The COVID-19 pandemic shed a spotlight on the mental health crisis facing young people. While anxiety and depression rates increased over the past year and a half, the need for easily accessible resources and support is by no means a new phenomenon. In this panel, experts will share examples of programs and research-based practices that can help keep college students healthy – whether they’re learning in person or online.

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  1. Learn about data and statistics regarding student mental health and the various roles educators play in supporting students on campus
  2. Discuss and explore sustainable resources, services, and approaches to assist college students with a return to “normalcy.”
  3. Learn how to proactively engage with all students, not just individuals seeking help, and provide necessary coping skills to ensure long-term support.



Shelby Stoddart, Talent Acquisition Marketing Specialist, McGraw-Hill

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  • Tags: COVID-19, mental health
  • Event: EDU
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