SXSW 2022

Global View: Weed on the World Stage


Globally, there are four major sectors of the cannabis market poised to dominate the worldwide stage: industrial hemp, CBD wellness, medical cannabis and the adult use/recreational market. All of them are intertwined, however each will develop at a different pace dependent on the culture of the country and region. In this session, companies operating on the global stage talk about the future of the global cannabis market on these four fronts. They’ll discuss how regulations are predicted to evolve, impacting trade and politics, and they’ll analyze the friction between industrial, medical and recreational. They’ll also discuss which countries will emerge as cultivation centers and innovation hubs and what countries will sit out this billion dollar opportunity.

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  1. Understand the four major sectors of the global cannabis market, current regulations in various regions and how they are predicted to evolve
  2. Analyze which regions will emerge as leaders in the export market in terms of factors such as low cost labor, optimal growing climates and experienced
  3. Explore the economic impacts that a flourishing export/import market will have on emerging countries



Gina Larson, Creative Dir, Mattio Communications

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