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NFTs the birth of a new asset class


NFTs have been exploding recently in the digital art and collectable market. We’ve seen CryptoPunks selling for as much as $7.5m and Beeple famously sold an NFT for $69m, but this is just the start. NFTs are a core building block of the decentralized future being built on the blockchain. Cryptocurrencies have already revolutionised finance and NFTs brings that innovation to a broad range of new categories. In this presentation I’ll talk about how to think about NFTs and explain why they have the potential to disrupt everything from art and the music industry to trade finance and gaming.

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  1. NFTs can be more than just collectables and art.
  2. NFTs will reshape the way we represent value digitally.
  3. NFTs can turn any unique digital item into a productive financial asset.


  • Stephen Young, Owner/ Co, NFTfi


Stephen Young, Owner/ Co, NFTfi

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  • Event: SXSW
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