Can VR Help Develop Clinical Decision-making?


Even before COVID and most student clinical experiences being closed, WGU saw the need to expand clinical learning using VR. This session will describe the process for designing and testing a virtual reality assessment that could teach and evaluate clinical decision-making of students. WGU created an immersive, case-based, clinical VR experience featuring branching decision-making scenarios that served as a student assessment tool for knowledge and core competencies. Learn what they discovered.

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  1. The learner will describe technical considerations and the strategic impact for launching a VR project for learning.
  2. The learner will describe the essential composition and roles of a project team to develop a VR experience that can serve as an assessment tool.
  3. The learner will understand limitations of VR and the implications for learning and assessment.



Michael Evans, Communications Business Partner - College Of Health Professions, Western Governors University

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