SXSW 2022

Information Hygiene: Combatting Mis & Dis-Information Online


There’s no denying that today’s media marketplace is a hotbed for conspiracy theories, false narratives and disinformation. When facts seem malleable and individual headlines dominate in different locales, getting verified information out quickly becomes increasingly difficult. And in a time of crisis, that information can be critical and the difference between life and death. The COVID pandemic taught us a lot about how business, government, NGOs and others can identify misinformation, optimize their communications and mitigate harm on an ongoing basis.

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  1. Misinformation online is much more common today than in years past and it can lead to incredibly detrimental effects.
  2. There are successful strategies for identifying misinformation quickly.
  3. Responding to and refuting misinformation requires a nuanced approach to be effective and not just amplify the myths that are out there.



Meg Rushton, VP, Brand and Communications, The Ad Council

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