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Shifting Power in Educational R&D

Shifting Power centers the experiences, points of view, and curiosities of Black and Latinx educators to inform practice and innovation, in particular with/for Black and Latinx youth. However, educational research is typically driven by (largely white) researchers and institutions. Too often findings do not return to serve the very educators and students who informed the research. This initiative is working to literally shift the power dynamics inherent to education R&D. Hear what we’ve learned.

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  1. Learn how educators led and solved their own problems of practice with the technical support of a researcher and an emancipatory R&D framework.
  2. Understand a framework of transformational change in R&D that centers Black and Latinx educators and provides a safe-humanized environment.
  3. Take away strategies for centering Black and Latinx educators and their expertise at every stage and valuing multiple ways of knowing.



Meredith Bortz, Owner/Consultant, Bortz Consulting

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