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Moonshots: Bold Ideas for the Future of Learning

The pandemic forced us to reassess nearly everything about learning. Now, Pittsburghers are looking 10-20 years ahead, envisioning hopeful futures based on current signs of educational change. With support from Remake Learning’s Moonshot Grants, 15 organizations launched new projects to accelerate us toward preferred futures of learning. From universal IEPs to reimagined public libraries, this talk will share insights from grantees on bold, experimental, and just post-pandemic learning.

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  1. Explore foresight activities used to empower educators to envision and design “preferred futures of learning.”
  2. Explore the Moonshot process, including identifying signals of change and integrating design thinking practices to transform insights into actions.
  3. Discuss the learnings from 15 organizations implementing Moonshot projects, outlining transformations in pedagogy and policy.



Tyler Samstag, Director, Remake Learning

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