SXSW 2022

Surviving An Overcrowded Live Music Marketplace


A post-pandemic flood of touring has led to overbooked venues and an overabundance of choice for fans.
Fans show a high level of excitement for live music, but for how long?

We’ll explore how artists can still thrive in this overcrowded marketplace including:
• Alternative venues
• Alternative days of the week: Is Monday the new Friday?
• Live streams as an addition to and a replacement for touring
• Win by providing extra value for fans
• Cutting edge tour marketing

PLUS: A new report unveiled exclusively at SXSW 2022 based on data from Bandsintown’s 62 million registered users and 550,000 artists will explore the state of the live music marketplace in 2022 vs pre-pandemic.

Additional Supporting Materials


  1. The current state of live touring and predictions for the coming year including data from Bandsintown’s 62M registered users and 550K artists.
  2. How to thrive despite an overcrowded live music marketplace.
  3. What strategies are working? Live-streaming while on tour, alternative markets and venues, aggressive packaging, creative marketing, and more.



BRUCE HOUGHTON, Senior Advisor, Bandsintown

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