SXSW 2022

Regional Mexican: Propelling the New Wave of Latin


Since the boom of ‘Despacito’, Latin music has been riding a growing wave of listeners, new creators, and industry executives from around the world. The big question now is what will catapult the second swell into an even larger wave? The answer it seems comes in the form of Regional Mexican music.

Regional is growing faster than any other Latin sub-genre, but its roots are shared. With so many idiosyncrasies involved, is it a genre that can transcend borders? Is it musically compatible? And how can females become their own stars in a post Jenni Rivera world?

A panel of experts who form part of different branches in the music industry also discuss the roots, cross-cultural challenges, and benefits of how the genre might produce the next Bad Bunny, Camila Cabello, Santana or Shakira.

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  1. The growth of Mexican Regional on the global stage: a look at what needs to happen for the world to take notice and how to continue breaking barriers.
  2. Existing marketing opportunities as a result of the genre’s widespread audiences in both Mexico and the USA, spread across all demographics and ages.
  3. A push to diversify in the post-Jenni Rivera world; a male dominant genre that would grow twice as fast with female artists sharing the limelight.


  • Ximena Acosta, Latin Publicist, Ximena Acosta PR
  • Andres Aguilera, Founder & CEO, Parral Music
  • Nicolas Moreno, Manager of Artist & Label Relations (Latin), Vydia, Inc.
  • Michelle Gas, Artist & Label Partnerships Manager, US Latin, Spotify


Nicolas Moreno, Latin - Artist & Label Services, Vydia

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