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Cali Sober: A New Approach to Health and Wellbeing


When I was a child, I went to a lot of funerals because my uncles, aunts, and grandparents were all alcoholics. I went to another recently due to the pandemic. I have written in Playboy and Forbes about Cali Sober which is an approach to sobriety that includes intoxicants like cannabis and psychedelics. I have also been a leader in the cannabis community.

The goal of Cali Sober is to reduce the number of funerals our families have to endure because of addiction to alcohol and/or other substances and to offer a new way for addicts to get control of their lives again. It is a controversial approach in the recovery community but after almost a century of a binary definition of sobriety and more funerals last year than ever before in the USA, it might be time to offer something new.

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  1. There is an epidemic of alcoholism and addiction in the United States that needs urgent attention, debate, and new approaches from the SXSW community.
  2. Sobriety is not a binary experience and can include compounds like cannabis and psychedelics to function, reduce harm, and survive/thrive.
  3. Cali Sober is a new interpretation of an ancient practice that allows people to experience altered states in a healthy and balanced way.



Andrew DeAngelo, President, DeAngelo Brothers Productions LLC

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