Building the Future of Learning with a Sneaker!


Sneakers heads and educators unite! The Reinvention Lab powered by TFA partnered with 99 Products, a sneaker company, to help organizations tell the story of the future of learning in a unique way by using sneakers as a canvas. Orgs/Schools that participated designed beautiful sneakers that were produced and sold for people to wear! This session will get into how we created the experience and how YOU can replicate it in your classroom, at your organization or startup.

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  1. Communicate clearly important aspects of the future of learning.
  2. Tell stories through graphic and fashion/sneaker design
  3. Synthesize the work of an organization, individual, school or business in order to inform a story worth telling about the future of learning



Michael Yates, Senior Managing Director Of Network Strategies, The Reinvention Lab powered by Teach for America

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